Next Energy Laundry

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Sydney Boys High School

The Great Hall

Cnr Anzac Pde & Cleveland St, Surry Hills / Moore Park

Enter via Anzac Pde via Gate 9. Parking available in school courtyard.


8.30am to 6.30pm


$430 inclusive

payment details below

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If you’ve missed out on one of our events...dont panic!

Lynette & The Soul Factory practitioners will be holding an Energy Laundry intensive day in the future.

We have doubled the cleaning power since our first Laundry back in early 08 by including a pre-booked phone reading with Lynette ( 20 -30 minutes in duration) to set up and organize your energies.

We have also added a fabulous surprise to end the day that will leave you feeling, washed, rinsed and pressed.

This day is all about your healing and transformation on a personal level, in a collective setting.

** note: Spaces are limited...however payments are not be required till closer to the event.

What is "The Energy Laundry"?

The Energy Laundry as a process initially came about as Lynette began working on her own energy system through various forms of mapping,

re-aligning, releasing and body support. She began noticing fast shifts & change if she put certain types of modalities in certain order, over a certain time frame.

It took some tweaking to fine tune, but these personal findings and successes have lead to the development of the unique ENERGY LAUNDRY ™ process. The process can be done individually and has now successfully been modified to be experienced in a one day workshop format. Allowing you to complete the same process without the traditional delays associated with multiple appointments.

Rest assured that The Energy Laundry Day will include all your favorite Soul Factory Practitioners and a few new ones who will be hosting their sessions. The unique cycle & network is based around four major

modalities of well-being & energy healing called our


We liken it to a wash, spin and dry cycle for your energy.

        * Energy mapping     * Energy alignment,

        * Energy release         * Body Support.

When done in cycles these modalities have profound effects on well-being and energy strength.. The notion of working with energy is not new, however The Soul Factory's ENERGY LAUNDRY™ process is.

It allows your energies to heal, evolve and develop in a structured sequence, under the guidance of a supportive professional collective.

The process of The ENERGY LAUNDRY™ has been known to ignite awareness & personal healing capacity, increase personal power as well as change the energy flow in your being & hence life experience.

What is the intention of The Energy Laundry day?

To replicate the energy shifts created by using The Energy Laundry system at The Soul Factory. This process is deeply healing, illuminating & connecting. It is a guided personal journey in a collective setting.

What will the day include?

The day will be comprehensive & include resources, facilitation, food / drinks and the following sessions:

    *Energy mapping work with Lynette,

    *All Breathing & emotional shifting with professionally trained breath workers, energy realignment, clearing and of course body integration......

There will be many moments on the journey throughout the day for you to stop, clear, reset & organise for the future... Oh did we mention, time to just inspire your soul!

Will it be fun?

YES... Always!!!!... not to mention you get a little work done in the process.

Are the people who attend, weird?

No, they are just like you, looking for ways to better themselves.. Our attendees often comment on how well the format of the day flows and how comfortable they felt sharing the experience with others. But, if you don't want to talk to anyone - you won't be made to. The focus is on your own personal journey & comfort.

Will it be traditionally 'new age'?

No.. We at The Soul Factory like to do things a little differently.

We fully honour the principles, power and foundations of energy & energy work. However we do like to do our shifting and shaping in logical, grounded, protected, beautiful and soulful ways. Our difference is that we are practical, upfront, progressive and most importantly- creative.

Perhaps a little like Alice in wonderland goes to the laundromat…. just cause we can and because energy is a bit like that...!

Will you be asked to share deeply personal things with others?

NO... it's your journey - it is not aimed at humiliating and forcing interaction if you don't want it. We strongly believe that you can do your energy work while still maintaining good energy hygiene and personal boundaries...and have a good time while doing it.

Who is the Energy Laundry Intensive Day for?:

All welcome may fit into any or all of the following groups or as we like to call "cycle settings" on our washing machine.

Deep stain removal:

Anyone who has a issue/s they have been trying to move, get on top of and/or haven't been able to. Bring them along and throw them in the wash.

Creative Fabric softening:

Anyone who has a project or idea they want to move forward and need to               do some clearing and energising towards it and themselves.

The Economy Cycle

Anyone who has been waiting to see Lynette to begin or continue their energy work at The Soul Factory - this will knock your socks of and get you kick started.

The Works - wash, rinse, spin, dry and iron.

Anyone who has done their Soul Factory Energy Laundry cyclic

appointments and wishes to reset and connect their energies with the process in a deeper way.

How will I protect my energies & will I be safe? ....

The space will be energetically set up to be fully supported and protected - Lynette will be integrating each session and facilitating the day. There will be various precautions taken to ensure your energetic safety.

The Energy Laundry is not a dumping ground. Rather a space where energy is generated to a high enough frequency for people to shift and work on their energy, body, mind, emotional being safely and easily.

Why should I consider doing The Energy Laundry day at this time?

You may have been feeling the waves of energy shifts through our planet, may be in the middle of changing deeply. 2010/2011 will be more of

the same. It will also be a time where many of these changes come to fruition.

We need to remain grounded, open, clear and strong enough to direct our energy in new and more powerful directions.

It is a great time to ride the wave of this intense energy. To use, direct and focus it for your future and your optimum creative power & healing.

The Energy Laundry transformation day is for you to connect with yourself, clear your energy and move forward with clear vision. This is an exciting time where great change and manifestation will begin to happen.

Cost & Payment details

Total $430

Details of payment plan to follow once future dates exciting!

Have your dirty laundry 
ready for our next Energy


Next date TBA

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