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Years ago Lynette was working on her own energy field using  a variety of different modalities. She discovered & visioned that if you put several energy types of modalities together in the right order, over the right time, you create a vacuum like pump. Doing this processes energy change through the physical being at a divinely efficient rate...

She called it

“The Energy Laundry”.

There are different depths you can venture too.

It works through the energy bodies, mental being, emotional body & physical body whilst allowing a complete and integrated process.

Over the years Lynette has fine tuned the complicated process so she can now share it with others.

Add to this the unique collection of practitioners with specialty knowledge that have come together  ~ it creates the perfect environment for the wonderful things to finally shift & change.

It a process that remains unique to The Soul Factory collective. And as far as we know there is nothing else that works like it to date.

For more information email... questions@thesoulfactory.com.au


The best way to begin ~ is to start with a reading.

Then each session should happen in the above order and within a  7 - 10 days of each other, according to practitioners availability.  Then there is an integration period of three weeks before the next cycle- During this time  (good food, sleep, energy visualization routine, moving ~ yoga, kundalini dance,walking, swimming etc). Then repeat cycle of balance, breath, massage two more times as above.

The practitioners all understand this process and can help you on your way.

Go to Our people to enquire about bookings.

OR for further questions just drop us a line and we will navigate you forward.


**Lynette’s mysterious magical diary & divine timing usually dictates when a reading will occur.. A reading can be done on its own, as a one off, OR is only required  for the first cycle, after 3 cycles, OR after  6mths  ~  perhaps even longer if not necessary OR only incase of emergency...

( we know - a lot of ORs but there can be alot of scenarios can’t  there, & it is good to cover all bases!)


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