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Our people

A rare mixture of speciality practitioners ~ earth, wind, fire, divine vision & flow. The Soul Factory collective has come together to work with people on their energies.

Since teaming up with Lynette many years ago they have found that working together provides a new level of  success & completion to their work.

The Soul Factory Family are a unique combination of senses and expertise. Individually strong & capable, they are collectively mind blowing.

To add to the mix  ~ they actually enjoy working together whilst discovering and navigating the world of energy.

Others have tried to recreate the process & call it by different names, but we have found that the rare combination of these unique facilitators works in perfect combination to

create outstanding results..

We at The Soul Factory like to do things a little distinctively.

We fully honour the principles, power, balance and foundations of energy & energy work.

We also like to do our shifting & shaping in logical, grounded, protected, beautiful and soulful ways. 

Perhaps a little like Alice in wonderland goes to the laundromat…. just cause we can and because all the best energy work is fun like that...!

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The Soul Factory network is based around four major modalities of well-being & energy healing called our ENERGY LAUNDRY ™. 

We liken it to a wash, spin and dry cycle for your energy.
 * Energy mapping     * Energy alignment,
 * Energy release         * Body Support.