Who is Lynette?

For some it starts with a whisper….. “you must see the lady in the antique chair and listen to her visions”.

Others receive multiple recommendations from a network of unrelated people all saying the same thing, .... all directing them to the one place;  

                                     Lynette & The Soul Factory.

To put it simply, Lynette sees, feels, hears & reads energies.

She is an Energy Consultant & Intuitive by title.

Lynette’s speciality is illumination as well energy mapping & visioning ~ She inspires energy awareness.

Originally inspired by friend & mentor ~ master clairvoyant & spiritual visionary Jason Macdonald, she has honed and developed her intuitive vision over the years.

Allowing her to now recognise many systems in energy matter; including areas such as health, relationships, spiritual ignition, creative visioning & general life direction. She has & continues to support people & collectives to enhance their own energy awareness, creativity and well being.

While "the lady in the antique chair" is still an active visionary & energetic consultant, her wait-list for one on one readings has bloomed over the years.... birthing the next phase of her work. Thus leading to the exciting evolution of Lynette into a facilitator. Now conducting Sydney’s exclusive Energy School for those who wish to connect to their own energy awareness.

She has also pioneered a unique healing enhancement system called The Energy Laundry Cycle which can be done with individual practitioners for a personal process. This extraordinary cycle  is also now a workshop day which allows people to go through personal energy shifts in a collective setting.

Lynette’s unique ability to visualise and map energy, allows her to structure and tailor a unique “energy map” for  her clients. This assists energy in moving quickly and evenly.

Lynette still sits in her blue chair to do readings around the country &  planet. And  now due to advancements in technology she is now also available to do phone consultations, where-ever either of you may find yourselves geographically.

To enquire about an appointment either fill out our booking form (or if it doesn't load on your device) email Lynette’s booking assistant with your name & number at questions@thesoulfactory.com.au

To be kept in the loop of  Lynette’s energy alerts “You me the earth & everything in between” send an email with “add me to the list” in the title to questions@thesoulfactory.com.au

Before a reading

Allow me introduce myself,

My name is Lynette and I work in the world of energy- where as many as 6 impossible things have been known to occur before breakfast (Lewis Carroll)!

I have been fortunate enough for the energy world to have been part of my dominant reality for a very long time. To me it is completely natural to hear, see and feel these things, and use them to ignite awareness, create, assist healing and promote transformation.

Perhaps you've found me in an effort to explain the things you've been feeling, need to receive confirmation, or your feeling stuck in an aspect of your life. 

My job is to vision, channel and relay all that I see in your energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical systems. Some of the visions may come from a long time ago and relate to past experiences. Others are pooled in your future, waiting to come into fruition.

In the time we will share together during your consultation, we may cover a variety of topics - these may be creative endeavours, work, improvement of well-being, relationships, physical issues, career direction,  loved ones past over, connection to your spirit & more.

Your energy system is like a filing cabinet for me - so we can explore it like a “cabinet of curiosities”.

I guess, I am also like an energy weather forecaster as well as a kind of  "energy operator" ~ the kind that mans the countless telephone lines of buzzing energy & guidance systems during your session.

I strongly recommend recording our session together. Either you can bring a recording device (ie an Iphone/smartphone or digital recorder) or for a small processing fee I can record our session together and have it burnt to CD so you can listen to it at your leisure later. This is of course completely confidential and only for your keeping. I find that many clients that revisit their session by listening to the CD again, are able to take more or hear treasures they hadn’t heard before. I find that taking notes in a session slows the flow of information and distracts the process- so either bring your own recording device or let me know if you’d like me to record it for you.

It’s great if you have any questions you'd like to bring as it makes directing the visions and channeling more efficient and allows you to receive the guidance you are looking for.. I usually recommend taking the night before to have a think about your reason for booking the session. Then take a deep breath and release all of these questions...allowing the magic to take place.

I have also been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by other wonderful energy workers that offer a variety of skills to help move, fix, maintain and help energies flow. So if you need any fine tuning or assistance, of that nature, I can certainly help direct you further.




Face to face reading

$240 (inc GST)

(includes digital recording emailed)

Distant phone reading + recording

$200 (inc GST)

Calls made to an Australian landline or Skype phone call (domestic / International)

( includes digital recording emailed)

$290- Couple/ Partnership Reading (Face to face or Phone)

( includes digital recording emailed)

** Conditions Apply

Length of session

approx  60-75mins

To book:

For enquiries:

Please consider the following about an appt:

Cancellation Policy.

If for any reason you need to cancel your scheduled appt we require that you email us at questions@thesoulfactory.com.au by 12noon the day prior, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you cancel after 12noon the day before you will be charged 50% of the normal fee and a “No-show” will incur full payment. If for any reason Lynette is unable to read you on your scheduled day, we will gladly offer you another appt time as a priority or alternatively a full refund.

For a phone reading you will need to supply.

A current photo (with you clearly labelled or identifiable) and a Skype or phone number.

Refrain from recreational drug use at least 3 days prior

Lynette's antennas are very sensitive and she finds it hard to get a clear picture of your energetic system.

Timing of appointments

Lynette’s diary runs like a spiritual doctors surgery- appointments may run over time due to the sensitive nature of the business. We ask that you allow for this.

Recording of sessions

Lynette will automatically record the session for you and it will be sent electronically and securely via email as an Mp3 file and easily downloaded. Please let Lynette know if you don’t wish your session to be recorded.

Through the Looking Glass  ...

So you've followed the red herrings, bread crumb trails and

recommendations from friends and found your way to Lynette.

The following is a guide to read over before your appointment

to help you maximise your energy visioning session.


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